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Everything you need to know to race at Hudson Speedway.

2022 Schedule



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HENNESSEY MEMORIAL Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Six Shooters, NE Dwarf Cars, Hudson Heroes


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WHITCOMB 5 SERIES 125, EXIT Realty Pro Trucks, Late Models, Pure Stocks


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KLOFSKY MEMORIAL Late Models, Street Stocks, Ridge Runners, Nelcar Legends, and Bandoleros


09/04/22GSPSS 100, Street Stocks, Six Shooters, Pure Stocks, NE 4CVl Enduro
09/05/22LABOR DAY CLASSIC – Dwarf Car Nationals, NHSTRA Modifieds, Late Models, Ridge Runners, NELCAR Legends & Bandos, Mini Cups
09/11/22Enduros – Ladies, Pro V8’s, 4Cyl 200 laps, V6/V8, NE Showdown One on One Drags, Flagpole Race, Chariot Race, Black Flag Race, Reverse Race
09/18/22Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Pro 4 Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Ridge Runner Championship Race
09/25/22CHAMPIONSHIP DAY – NHSTRA Modifieds, Late Models. Street Stocks. Mini Stocks. Six Shooters, Pure Stocks


10/16/22PUMPKINFEST – Hudson Hugger V8 Run What You Brung, Enduros – King Of The Hill 4Cyl Enduro Final, Ladies, Pro V8’s, V6/V8’s NE Showdown One on One Drags
10/30/22HUDSON HALLOWEEN EVE – OPEN SHOW DIVISIONS TBD – NHSTRA Six Shooters Shoot Off – Black Flag Race

Summer Hours

Beginning June, 19.

  • Pit Gate: 2:00 PM
  • Grandstands: 3:00 PM
  • Practice: 4:00 PM
  • Green Flag: 5:05 PM

Kids 10 & Under are FREE (Grandstands Only)







The Ridge Runner Division is intended to be an entry-level class of racecars. Everything about the vehicle must remain stock for the year, make and model of vehicle being used. Racing parts are not allowed unless specifically approved by the Speedway. Except as permitted or required in this guidebook, vehicles must remain completely stock in appearance, configuration, set-up, and running gear including motors, transmissions, and rear ends. Any variances from this guideline may result in the disallowance of competition until the variance is corrected, solely at the discretion of speedway management.

* Please familiarize yourself with the General Track Rules which is an extension of these rules. 1. ELIGIBLE MODELS:

A. Cars 1972 model year to 2002. No convertibles, station wagons or trucks. Four passenger American made hardtops only.


A. Wheelbase must be the same length as the car came manufactured with (OEM). Minimum OEM wheelbase allowed to complete in this division will be 101 inches. No shortening, lengthening, or widening of ANY chassis is allowed.

B. Body and frame must the same as year make and model as manufactured. All bodies must remain stock. Fenders may be cut, and inner fenders removed for clearance. Inner door panels and inner hood panels may be removed, all other panels must remain in place. Front and rear fire walls as well as the floors must remain stock with all holes fill with steel patches. Trunk compartment must be enclosed from the driver.

C. All glass must be removed. The windshield shall be replaced with minimum of1/8” Lexan. Full front windshield required. Rear windows and rear quarter windows are not permitted.

D. Must have a full dash, stock, or aftermarket.

E. Cars must have full front and rear bumpers. Bumpers may be reinforced but reinforcement must be behind the bumper. Nowhere is there to be anything beyond the front and rear bumpers. Stock appearing aftermarket bumper covers may be used but must be trimmed to give a stock appearance. Bumper covers like those used for Pro Stocks and Busch cars are not allowed. No open back panels, it must be completely closed in.

F. Tow hooks, front and rear are mandatory.

G. Rub rails are allowed between the tires only. Bars must be mounted flush to the body. Rub rails must plastic, rails may be riveted to the body with a minimum rivet spacing of twelve inches. One rail per side maximum

H. No front spoilers, deflectors, side skirts or rear spoilers are allowed. J. No holes in hood air cleaner must remain under hood.
K. Excessive gutting will result in weight penalties.


A. Frames must remain as manufactured. No cutting or altering widening of stock frames permitted all suspension mounting points must be in stock location and will be strictly enforced. Sections may be replaced with tubing that maintain stock location this will be strictly enforced. These changes MUST have approval of Head of Tech. No altering of any mounting bracket locations of any kind.

B. Front and rear suspension components must remain stock for chassis used and must be mounted in stock location. No altering of upper A-frames, lower control arms, spindles, or trailing arms.

C. Stock sway bars only.

D. Only stock replacement shocks and struts for year, make and model, mounted in stock location. MSRP Price of $200 per pair of replacement Struts and $100 per pair of Shocks. No racing, adjustable, load leveling, or coil-over shocks allowed.

E. Springs must remain in stock location. Steel racing springs are allowed front and back. Both front and rear springs must match side to side with spring rate, height, wire size and outside diameter. No jacking bolts or any other external jacking devices are allowed in the front or back. No spring binding allowed in this division. No front adjustable cups or shims allowed. 1 spring rubber spacer per wheel is allowed. Spring Rubber length cannot exceed more the one coil circumference. No Leaf Springs

F. There will be no mechanical tie downs or any other mechanical/suspension device that limits or binds any suspension travel.

G. 1 1⁄2 inches of negative camber is allowed on the right front wheel and 3⁄4 inch positive camber is allowed on the left front. Metric cars are allowed 2 inches negative right front camber.

G. Minimum chassis to ground clearance is 6 inches with driver in car.
H. Engine must be in stock location as manufactured. No engine set back, or offset is allowed. I. Radiator Support must remain stock and in stock location.
J. Steering Components must remain stock OEM for year, make and model.


A. All cars must have a four (4) point roll cage constructed of 13⁄4” outside diameter X .095 wall steel tubing. The roll cage shall consist of 4 vertical upright bars connected at the top on all sides and shall be adequately cross braced. The base of the upright members shall be solidly welded to the frame of the car. Four curved door bars on the left side and three curved or straight door bars on the right side are mandatory. Offset cages are not allowed. Roll bars within the driver’s reach must be padded. Inspectors must approve all roll cages. Roll cages: Main bar must not have more than 10 degrees lay back. Engine bay hoop is permitted but must not extend past the front of the upper A-frame/strut tower. The rear roll cage upright may not extend past the rear door seam more than two (2) inches.

B. Inside front and rear cage bars allowed, one per side. Rear bars from center cage to rear most part of chassis. Front bars from center cage to front part of chassis.

C. Foot protection bar is allowed from the front cage upright thru the firewall to the back side of the upper A-frame/strut tower running under the dash.


A. 3,000 pounds total weight with a minimum of 1,400 pounds right side after the race


A. Stock OEM automatic transmission with a stock torque converter for make and model. A Turbo 350 may be used in a Camaro or Firebird in place of a 700R4 with a rear end gear restriction of a minimum of 3.08 and a maximum of 3.73.

B. Rear ends must be original OEM for make and model of the car. Metric car must run a minimum 3.08 to a maximum 3.90 rear end gear and can be locked. Unibody cars must run a minimum 3.08 to a maximum 3.73 rear end gear. Gen 4 Camaros must run an open rear end with a minimum of 3.08 to a 3.73 rear end gear.

C. Driveshaft must be steel only and painted white. No aluminum driveshaft’s allowed. Must have two driveshaft loops with a minimum 1/8” diameter and 2” width. One located just behind the front U-Joint and the second one located in front of the rear U-Joint.

D. All cars must have four-wheel brakes in working order and remain stock. No racing brake components allowed. Proportioning valve is allowed for rear brakes only.


A. Cars may use 8-cylinder motors, all engines must remain stock.

B. Ford and General Motors cars are limited to a max. 305 cubic inch engine, stock for the year, make, and model car that it is being used in.

C. Chrysler cars are limited to a max. 318 cubic inch engine.

D. Stock engines are a max. 415 valve lift with a 209 duration, 4-valve relief flat-top pistons with a maximum compression ratio of 9.5 to 1 and a maximum valve size of 1.84.

E. Boring up to .030 over is allowed.

F. A stock Rochester two-barrel carburetor bolted to a stock two-barrel cast iron intake, using only one .70 gasket. No spacers or adaptors. Fuel Injection is allowed if stock for year, make, and model.

G. A maximum 3”x14” aftermarket air filter is permitted. Only on
H. Turbo or supercharged engines are not allowed.
I. Starter must be in OEM location on the block. Starter must be in working order. G. No electric fuel pumps allowed.
H. Engine must be located in stock location for year make and model.

A. Hoosier 790 and will be available at Lee USA Speedway.
B. Tread width of 641⁄2 measured center of the tire to center of the tire. C. All wheels must be DOT Approved
C. No tire softening, or conditioning of any kind permitted.
D. 1” lug nuts are permitted; stock studs & hubs must remain.

A.12-gallon fuel cell is allowed. Trunk may only be cut to fit the fuel cell with a 2-inch clearance. Rest of

the trunk area must remain intact. Excessive gutting will result in weight penalties 10. FUEL:

A. High octane racing fuel is permitted, although not encouraged or recommended at this level of competition. Any standard quality street-pump fuel is fully satisfactory and will save the competitor unnecessary and excessive fuel expense.


A. Stock muffler must remain in place to attain minimum noise levels. Dual exhausts are allowed using original headers and the stock mufflers. Tail pipes must exit at the rear of the vehicle. Glass pack style mufflers are not allowed.


A. Approved aluminum racing type seat and five-point harness properly mounted to the cage is mandatory. Belts must be dated no more than three (5) years old. Minimum 3” belts and harnesses are mandatory. The only exception would be a 3 inch into 2-inch upper shoulder belt when a Hans device is used.

B. All cars must have an approved SFI Window Net properly installed in the left front window opening and must have a quick release. No string nets allowed.

C. All cars must be equipped with a quick release steering wheel. Center of the wheel must be padded. D. Battery must be securely mounted under the hood or behind the driver’s compartment and protected

by a non-conductive cover. ONE 12V BATTERY ONLY
E. Neck restraints are highly recommended and should be used. F. Maximum 5″ Spot Mirror Allowed.


A. Only one radiator may be used and must fit under the hood.

B. Electric fan allowed.

C. Water is the only coolant allowed. Liquid Cool or similar product allowed. NO ANTIFREEZE ALLOWED!


Each Driver will be equipped with a scanner with a single frequency to be programmed at (464.600). This frequency will be the Race Director and scoring for alignment purposes. You may not receive any radio communications from any other parties other than from track. Failure to respond to a command from the race director will result in being black flagged. My scanner is not working is not an excuse. Two-way programmed radios may also be used but only in a single communication configuration.


Transponders are mandatory in all divisions. Transponders must be behind rear wheel. See diagram. All cars must be equipped with a transponder and be always in operation during practice, heats and features. AMB Transponders can be purchased by calling 678-816-4000 or go the web at www.Amb- See Diagram on page 13.




The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events. And by participating in these events all participants are deemed to have obtained, read and understood a copy of the current rules, and complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, or official.

Rules may be adjusted to meet the needs to equal the playing field without notice.


2021 Hudson Hero’s Youth Racing Program

The intention of this school is to allow the youth to learn good habits in racing, including safety, competition, racing etiquette, competition awareness, and most importantly, sportsmanship.

-This program is in developmental stages and will be holding informational meetings for those

interested as we move forward.

-Allow families to build a new vehicle or find an existing Pure Stock racecar and adjust the vehicle to compete.

-Bring in experienced racers/crew/guest instructors for guest appearances for informative sessions

-Learn vehicle, ins and outs of the car

-1 night under the lights w/ out of car on track intros

-Hudson Hero’s night. Meet and greet, sign autographs, etc
-Graduates to be able to go into pure stocks using current vehicle w/ minimal changes



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Driver Safety:

Please contact R & R Raceparts, NH, 576 High St, Candia NH. 603 396 8928. They will know what safety equipment is required and can guide you in the right direction.

-HANS type Head and neck required (no neck brace, must be strapped to the driver or strapped between driver and seat belts.

-Quality Containment seat or quality aluminum racing seat with proper head and neck bracing, side and rib bracing and leg supports.

-5 point harness minimum, harness must have date stamp 5 years or less with no tears, cuts, abrasions -Latching window net on Left window
-All roll bars within driver’s reach much be covered in high-density foam
-Removable steering wheel, padded center

-Full multilayered driving suit OR single layered suit WITH full Nomex underwear -Full faced SA2005 Helmet (minimum spec), Gloves, racing shoes
-Fire extinguisher in reach of driver or fire bottle system
-Functioning scanning radio and earphones

-A throttle stop which is to be adjusted by track personnel to keep vehicles going at a safe speed. If a vehicle has an advantage, track officials reserve the right to adjust up or down, the speed of the vehicle. No tampering of this setting once the season has begun. Tampering may result in disciplinary actions.

Competitive Vehicles:

-Cars 10 years or older, no convertibles, and no trailer hitches
-FWD cars, absolutely no modifications to suspension, camber, springs, tie rods, control arms, etc.

-Camber may be adjusted so long as it is done with stock adjustments and does not exceed 1deg at any corner. If camber appears advantageous, management reserves rights to adjust vehicle for speed and purpose of learning

-A stock steering column may be used, or a racing steering column may be installed with a racing column that is collapsible and designed in such a way that the column cannot be pushed into the driver under frontal impact.

-Floor pan must be stock; holes must be sealed.
-Must have dashboard, either stock (with pad removed) or a metal replacement -Must have stock, functioning brakes at all 4 corners

Last Edit 10.24.2020 MM

-All glass, except windshield must be removed (windshield may be replaced with lexan). All front lights, side lights Rear tail lights, except for the center brake light, must be removed. Entire interior must be stripped, all carpet, roof paneling, trim, etc.

-3rd brake light, if not already there must be mounted on center top of rear window opening. Light must function with brake operated.

-ABS brakes, SRS systems must all be disabled. SRS bags must be removed. -Must have stock, functioning brakes at all 4 corners

-4 cylinder engines only. Naturally aspirated, completely stock. NO ANTIFREEZE ALLOWED. WATER AND WATER WETTER TYPE SOLUTIONS ARE ALLOWED.

-Stock Automatic transmissions only. Must be able to go into a manual drive gear.

-Battery must be in stock location, with proper mounting so battery will not come free from vibration or impact. Must have no conductive cover for top post batteries. Side posts must be covered.

-Stock exhaust only. No cherry bombs, glass packs, straight pipes, racing muffles, etc. Car must be as quiet as when it was removed from road. Exhaust must be legal each race and can be inspected at anytime for any reason. All systems must be secured to vehicle and exit behind rear tires in stock location.

-Catalytic converters can be removed with section being filled in with new pipe, clamped or welded in place.

-Stock fuel tank may be used. A 1/8” steal plate must be securely bolted to bottom of vehicle to prevent tank puncture.

-An optional 8 gal fuel cell max may be used as well. Cell must be held in place by minimum of 2inch straps. Cell must be in trunk, mounted center front to back, and side to side. Rear firewall required made of 20gauge steel if cell is there.

-Fuel lines must exit trunk and run under car.

-1 exterior mirror allowed on the left side of the car. No other mirrors allow. No communications to driver besides race control. That is the only channel to be programmed to their in-car radio.

-Stock front and rear bumper reinforcements must be used. They must be attached in a manner as such they do not fall off if hit. A stock or aftermarket racing bumper cover, cut to fit may be used. No other aftermarket racing body components allowed.

-All doors must be welded or chained shut.
-Roof openings must be covered with sheet metal, such as sunroof openings.
-No cutting or lightening of body panels allow. Only hood reinforcement may be removed

Roll Cage:

– All cars must have a four-point roll cage constructed of 13⁄4” outside diameter X .095 wall steel tubing. The roll cage shall consist of 4 vertical upright bars connected at the top on all sides and shall be adequately cross-braced. The base of the upright members shall be solidly welded to the frame of the car. Four curved door bars on the left side and three curved or straight door bars on the right side are mandatory. The roll cage members must closely conform to window/door/roof contour and not be readily apparent when the car is viewed from the side. Offset cages are not allowed. 4 B. Forward bars attached to the main cage can only go to the strut tower, minor front bracing for protection of the radiator is allowed. Hoops my come thru the front nose piece but can only be attached to the front bumper and cannot be taller than the radiator. All bracing must pass NHSTRA Tech Staff inspection. C. The roll cage must not alter the geometry of the vehicle. D. Rear roll cage bars are allowed for added/crash protection. Only one side cage bar per side). Rear bars should/must be mounted from the back of the cage to the rear trunk area only. Rear bars cannot directly connect to the upper/top part of the rear strut itself (suspension). You may connect a rear center cage bar from side to side of the inner side tub/strut box (recommend). Also, the side-to-side cage bar may be connected to the top of the cage bar that goes into the trunk area.

-Vehicle may have 2”x3”x .083” min tubing to reinforce side rocker panels. Cage may be secured to this tubing.

Please call or email with any questions.
Mike-603 402 8102
Facebook at Hudson Heroes Youth Racing Program

It is the intention of Hudson Heroes Driving school to promote safety, sportsmanship, and equal competition for all those who participate. We reserve the right to adjust any rules, vehicle speeds or specifications, as needed to maintain this goal. The spirit of this division is to allow youth a safe environment, where they can learn driving, respect, etc. This is paramount to anything else. We also expect everyone to be courteous and respectful. This series is for the kids, and all the officials are volunteering their time for them and the program. We will not tolerate anyone yelling, swearing, or showing disrespect in any way to a child, crew, or track official. Hudson Heroes reserves the right to ask anyone not in compliance to leave the premises immediately. There is also NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS at the track while Hudson Heroes is in progress. Anyone caught will be removed from the property immediately.

Artwork compliments of Steve Dickey @ Synergy Signworks

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