Hudson Heroes

Hudson Heroes is a racing program for 8–12 year olds. Students learn good racing habits, including safety, competition, racing etiquette, competition awareness, and most importantly, sportsmanship.


  • Allow families to build a new vehicle or find an existing Pure Stock racecar and adjust the vehicle to compete
  • Bring in experienced racers/crew/guest instructors for guest appearances for informative sessions
  • Learn vehicle, ins and out of car
  • One night under the lights w/ out of car on track intros
  • Hudson Hero’s night. Meet and greet, sign autographs, etc.
  • Graduates to be able to go into pure stocks using current vehicle w/ minimal changes

2022 Schedule & Dates

  • Gates open at 5 pm*
  • Track time from 6 pm to 7:30 pm
  • School will conclude at approximately 8 pm

*Practice Sessions are available the day of the school from 3–5:30 pm. We require a minimum of 1 week’s notice. Cost to be determined to cover EMT.

May 20

June 17

July 29

May 27

July 1

August 12


Sunday September 12
Hudson Heroes Day

June 3

July 15

August 26

Key Notes:

We will open the track for practice starting ay 3:00 pm, per requests from parents. We will require 1 week notice so we can line up the EMT, and the only cost will be to cover the EMT

Cars will be off the track by 7:30 pm and we will have final remarks and discussions until about 8:00 pm.

The most exciting date on the calendar is Hudson Heroes Day on Sept 12. The kids will be the stars of the big show that Sunday and will be able to showcase their talents for everyone to see!

Please contact us below with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

2022 Hudson Hero’s Youth Racing Program

The intention of this school is to allow the youth to learn good habits in racing, including safety, competition, racing etiquette, competition awareness, and most importantly, sportsmanship.

Eligibility: 8–12 year olds

Driver Safety: Please contact R & R Raceparts, NH, 576 High St, Candia NH. 603 396 8928. They will know what safety equipment is required and can guide you in the right direction.

  • HANS type Head and neck required (no neck brace, must be strapped to driver or strapped between driver and seat belts
  • Quality Containment seat or quality aluminum racing seat with proper head and neck bracing, side and rib bracing and leg supports.
  • 5 point harness minimum, harness must have date stamp 5 years or less with no tears, cuts, abrasions -Latching window net on Left window
  • All roll bars within driver’s reach much be covered in high density foam
  • Removable steering wheel, padded center
  • Full multilayered driving suit OR single layered suit WITH full Nomex underwear -Full faced SA2005 Helmet (minimum spec), Gloves, racing shoes
  • Fire extinguisher in reach of driver or fire bottle system
  • Functioning scanning radio and earphones
  • A throttle stop which is to be adjusted by track personnel to keep vehicles going a safe speed. If a vehicle has an advantage, track officials reserve the right to adjust up or down, the speed of vehicle. No tampering of this setting once season has begun. Tampering may result in disciplinary actions.

Competitive Vehicles:

  • Cars 10 years or older, no convertibles, and no trailer hitches
  • FWD cars, absolutely no modifications to suspension, camber, springs, tie rods, control arms, etc.
  • Camber may be adjusted so long as it is done with stock adjustments and does not exceed 1deg at any corner. If camber appears advantageous, management reserves rights to adjust vehicle for speed and purpose of learning
  • A stock steering column may be used, or a racing steering column may be installed with racing column that is collapsible and designed in such a way that the column cannot be pushed into driver under frontal impact.
  • Floor pan must be stock; holes must be sealed.
  • Must have dash board, either stock (with pad removed) or a metal replacement
  • Must have stock, functioning brakes at all 4 corners
  • All glass, except windshield must be removed (windshield may be replaced with lexan). All front lights, side lights Rear tail lights, except for center brake light, must be removed. Entire interior must be stripped, all carpet, roof paneling, trim, etc.
  • 3rd brake light, if not already there must be mounted on center top of rear window opening. Light must function with brake operated.
  • ABS brakes, SRS systems must all be disabled. SRS bags must be removed.
  • Must have stock, functioning brakes at all 4 corners
  • 4 cylinder engines only. Naturally aspirated, completely stock. NO ANTIFREEZE ALLOWED. WATER AND WATER WETTER TYPE SOLUTIONS ARE ALLOWED.
  • Stock Automatic transmissions only. Must be able to go into a manual drive gear.
  • Battery must be in stock location, with proper mounting so battery will not come free from vibration or impact. Must have no conductive cover for top post batteries. Side posts must be covered.
  • Stock exhaust only. No cherry bombs, glass packs, straight pipes, racing muffles, etc. Car must be as quiet as when it was removed from road. Exhaust must be legal each race and can be inspected at anytime for any reason. All systems must be secured to vehicle and exit behind rear tires in stock location.
  • Catalytic converters can be removed with section being filled in with new pipe, clamped or welded in place.
  • Stock fuel tank may be used. A 1/8” steal plate must be securely bolted to bottom of vehicle to prevent tank puncture.
  • An optional 8 gal fuel cell max may be used as well. Cell must be held in place by minimum of 2inch straps. Cell must be in trunk, mounted center front to back, and side to side. Rear firewall required made of 20gauge steel if cell is there.
  • Fuel lines must exit trunk and run under car.
  • 1 exterior mirror allow on left side of car. No other mirrors allow. No communications to driver besides race control. That is the only channel to be programmed to their in car radio.
  • Stock front and rear bumper reinforcements must be used. They must be attached in a manner as such they do not fall off if hit. A stock or aftermarket racing bumper cover, cut to fit may be used. No other aftermarket racing body components allowed.
  • All doors must be welded or chained shut.
  • Roof openings must be covered with sheet metal, such as sunroof openings.
  • No cutting or lightening of body panels allow. Only hood reinforcement may be removed

Roll Cage:

  • All cars must have a four-point roll cage constructed of 13⁄4” outside diameter X .095 wall steel tubing. The roll cage shall consist of 4 vertical upright bars connected at the top on all sides and shall be adequately cross braced. The base of the upright members shall be solidly welded to the frame of the car. Four curved door bars on the left side and three curved or straight door bars on the right side are mandatory. The roll cage members must closely conform to window/door/roof contour and not be readily apparent when car is viewed from the side. Offset cages are not allowed. 4 B. Forward bars attached to the main cage can only go to the strut tower, minor front bracing for protection of the radiator is allowed. Hoops my come thru the front nose piece but can only be attached to the front bumper and cannot be taller than the radiator. All bracing must pass NHSTRA Tech Staff inspection. C. The roll cage must not alter the geometry of the vehicle. D. Rear roll cage bars are allowed for added/crash protection. Only one side cage bar per side). Rear bars should/must be mounted from back of cage to rear trunk area only. Rear bars cannot directly connect to the upper/top part of the rear strut itself (suspension). You may connect a rear center cage bar from side to side of the inner side tub/strut box (recommend). Also, the side to side cage bar may be connected to the top of the cage bar that goes into the trunk area.
  • Vehicle may have 2”x3”x .083” min tubing to reinforce side rocker panels. Cage may be secured to this tubing.

Please call or email with any questions.

It is the intention of Hudson Heroes Driving school to promote safety, sportsmanship, and equal competition for all those who participate. We reserve the right to adjust any rules, vehicle speeds or specifications, as needed to maintain this goal. The spirit of this division is to allow youth a safe environment, where they can learn driving, respect, etc. This is paramount to anything else.

We also expect everyone to be courteous and respectful. This series is for the kids, and all the officials are volunteering their time for them and the program. We will not tolerate anyone yelling, swearing, or showing disrespect in any way to a child, crew or track official. Hudson Heroes reserves the right to ask anyone not in compliance to leave the premises immediately. There is also NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS at track while Hudson Heros is in progress. Anyone caught will be removed from property immediately.